What We Do

There's a lot of stuff available on the internet about what's expected from a writers' circle. This is just to summarise what we at Brighton Plot Bunnies stand for.

This is the group for you if:

1: You've written something and you want honest feedback on it - you will get it
2: You want to socialise once or twice a month with other local writers - we're a friendly bunch
3: You can give as good as you get - there's no room for being precious about your writing
4: You're prepared to take criticism with good grace - because no one says anything to be unkind
5: You like a laugh - you will need a sense of humour

This is not the group for you if:

1: You want someone to tell you your work is good - take your pick of loyal family members
2: You think your book is already good enough to be published - we can all improve, and humility is a wonderful thing
3: You think you have a thing or two to teach all of us "amateur" writers - you will be shot down in flames - this is not to say professional writers are unwelcome, just that everyone gets treated the same way, published or not
4: You've been trying to sell your book to publishers and you can't understand why it hasn't been snapped up yet, because you're an even better writer than Stephen King - while it is entirely possible that there is a writer who is better than Stephen King, the likelihood is extremely slim and therefore we assume you are no better than we are. There is no room for arrogance at Brighton Plot Bunnies
5: You can't take criticism - if you join our group, that's what you'll get

Hopefully, this goes some way to explaining what Brighton Plot Bunnies stand for and why we do what we do. Any questions, please ask fiver.

fiver [at] plotbunnies.co.uk

NB: We do not charge members to attend meetings. However, as all members can use the website, and webmaster pays for the hosting out of his own pocket so that it's the best it can be, we ask for a voluntary donation of £1 per meeting. Note, this is not a charge per meeting, but simply the most convenient way to collect donations. Prospective members attending their first meeting are specifically requested not to make a donation. This is because Brighton Plot Bunnies do not have an open-membership policy, and membership is by invitation only. If you want to give us a donation, we may welcome it, but we are not beholden to non-members - your donation is a gift, and we do not owe you membership in return. If we do invite you to become a member of our group, once you have access to the site, you will be asked for a donation like everyone else. That's only fair.