So, who the hell are we?

Just in case you’re thinking of joining us to see what we’re all about, the following is a wee bit about who we are, the kind of people we have at Brighton Plot Bunnies, and what you might expect to find at a meeting.

We have quite a wide demographic, with people from various races and backgrounds, sexualities, beliefs and even nationalities. We have students in their 20s and we have fathers in their 50s. We have shy people and we have not-shy people. We have large people and we have small people.

Our members have a variety of different hobbies and interests, from travel to martial arts, from philosophy to science, though the one thing we all have in common, of course, is writing and, by default, reading.

Our meetings are very chilled-out affairs. We’ll get together, buy a drink and spend some time at the beginning catching up on what everyone has been doing. Because the other thing about Brighton Plot Bunnies is we all get on, and this is absolutely fundamental to the group. It is why membership has always been by-invitation-only. It is why it will remain so.

We at Brighton Plot Bunnies like a laugh, and there is often piss-ripping involved. This is never, ever meant to be mean, but you need to know it happens because, if we invite you to join us, you’ll need to be able to take it. It’s all in good fun.

There is a particular vibe going on at meetings. It’s hard to describe, even for a writer, but when we get together, everyone comes safe in the knowledge that we can join in with the discussion or not, we can relax after a hard day, we can talk between members or to everyone at once, and, ultimately, we all know we can trust each other. No one is ever asked to curb their language - swear words are allowed. If, of course, either fiver or webmaster felt that someone was swearing too much, one of us would say so. But, as we are two of the biggest culprits in that department, this has never happened yet. If you are in any way offended by the use of curse words, we are not the right group for you.

No one is arrogant at Brighton Plot Bunnies, and if someone were to come and try us out and we found them arrogant or egotistical, we would not invite that person to become a member. If someone comes who changes the vibe in the room, that person would not be invited back, either. If fiver detects a change in people’s behaviour when a prospective member attends their first meeting, that person, also, will not be invited back. It really is a case of getting on with each other, and being comfortable in one another’s company. We need to trust everyone who has access to the private area of our website with our writing, because writing is a deeply personal thing.

Sometimes, we simply won’t get on. That’s OK, and it’s no reflection on anyone. Shit happens. Everyone can’t possibly like everyone else. But for our writers’ circle, it’s important that we do all get on. Oh, and even if it’s only fiver who is uncomfortable in someone’s company, that someone will still not be invited back, regardless of what other members may feel. We do not dictate, but neither are we a democracy, and fiver always makes the final decision. (If for some reason certain members stop getting along, this is sad, but we accept that it happens. It has happened. If you decide to leave the group, it is courteous to let either fiver or webmaster know. We do not need to know the reason, though we'll be interested to know what we may have done wrong. It has happened that someone has left and has then gone on to leave some horrible comments on the private forums for the rest of the members to see. This is rude, and it is unacceptable. People who display unacceptable behaviour will have their membership terminated and their access to the website will be blocked.)

Ultimately, at meetings, it is fiver who is in charge. Even though it is best if everyone agrees on something, in the end, fiver gets the last word on everything, because it is fiver’s group. On the website, it is webmaster who is in charge, not fiver. This has long been acknowledged and accepted, and it works very well for us. We think webmaster is far scarier than fiver, who is just a bunny, so we try not to antagonise him.

So - if you’ve got this far, and you still think you’ll fit into our little group, and you haven’t been put off by the thought of much swearing and piss ripping, you’re welcome to come along! See you there.