Note to events promoters

Our writers’ circle was established in 2010, and we named it in 2012. Since then, many new members have come and gone, and we are listed on several writers' circle sites.

For a while, we were happy to promote events by other writers' circles and asked nothing in exchange, and this worked for us, as it helped people to find us as we were expanding. But now that we are well established, and known by several professional authors, we find it is less necessary to promote ourselves by promoting other groups.

We receive many emails about writing competitions and writing retreats, and many of these we are happy to post on the public area of our site and / or tell our members about privately. However, more and more competitions require entry fees, and some of the writing retreats are relatively expensive. We totally respect that - these things cost money to run (though not, perhaps, as much as we're led to believe). But so that everything remains fair, we politely request that before you contact us, you ask yourself what you can do for us in exchange. It may be that all you can do is provide a link to our group on your website, and if you can do that, please send us a link. If you have no website - and we understand most writers' circles don't - then we ask that you think of something else that you can do for us.

One final request is that, when contacting us, you address us properly. We've had emails that say 'Dear writer', and this is fine, if a little cold. 'Dear fiver' is preferable, as it is fiver who runs the group. But we've had emails that go straight in, with not even a 'Hello' at the top of the message. We think this is rude, and so if you do that, with no greeting or even suggestion that there might be an actual person at the other end reading your message, your email will go straight in the bin.

If you would like us to promote your event on our site, please contact fiver in the first instance so that we can set up a mutually beneficial arrangement.