A Journey

February's writing challenge was: A journey. This was my effort.

    I have been on this train for thirteen hours. The tedium is unrelenting.
    The couple sitting opposite me are wrapped in each other’s arms, oblivious to everything else except him, her. Nothing to bother them like it’s bothering me. Good for them.
    As I look outside, I see snow on the ground, a thick, white blanket of the stuff, obliterating everything except the odd straggly tree, bald branches, empty of leaves or fruit, but even the harsh winter cannot kill the old, gnarly characters and they stand proud, dark, tall, towering over everything. I see no houses here, only trees and dead hedgerows. Nothing living. The odd deer, head down, perhaps trying to find some morsel to eat, scarce in this weather.
    The train moves along, its regular rhythm soothing, sending many of my fellow travellers to sleep, so why can’t I do the same? Usually, train journeys like this one would have me asleep within the hour, but not this time. This time, I’m wide awake, ensuring I can see clearly the sky darkening and the snow fading from view, gradually taking me away.
    When I boarded this train, I was unaware that it was not as normal. It left the station dead on time and, hearing the noise of an old steam train in my head, I began to drift into another world. I had thought that world was in my mind, but now I know different. Now I know this train and everyone on it died a long time ago. It’s going on its final journey, and it’s taking me with it.